Living Wage

It’s easy to forget that in the events industry, we get the best of people and the best of your worlds. We see your weddings, your birthdays and your special occasions. We meet your families, your friends and often see your wonderful homes.Not all of the world is a party and without doubt, none of those…

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So, Why Colour?

There are big white, black and grey mobile sheds out there providing weather cover and indoor-outdoor space, so why bother with a bright, colourful, stand-out stage or Bigtop? Well… 2 reasons… First off, they’re not boring and white! Some argue that a white structure is a blank canvas to decorate as you wish. According to The…

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The Season Begins!

The Season Begins! We’ve got a gig this week. Which is nice. And we had one in mid-April too. Considering last year our first one was at the end of May, I’m pretty pleased. 2 new clients too, lovely people and ones that will likely continue with us into 2020. It’s been a rough old…

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