Choose Your Backdrop

Best start looking now! When we think about planning, one of the first things we imagine is the photos and what kind of backdrop they’ll have. A gorgeous harvest field, a fairytale forest or in your very own back garden! Whatever you decide, it’s really important to consider the venue and the Big Top simultaneously.…

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How to work with a large guestlist – The Economy of Scale

You know as soon as you pick up the phone to someone who works in hospitality. So when they tell you that they’re getting married and they want to make it different to anything else that their guests have ever seen, you just know that you’re going to work well together… and I learnt a…

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Case Study – The Wilson / Collins Wedding

In reality, this was the event that launched a whole idea. Terrapin Tents started in 2012 and I had the idea a couple of years after that for BigTopWeddings. For too long (in my opinion) weddings looked like weddings and festivals looked like festivals. How do you keep everyone happy whilst still doing something different?…

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So, Why Colour?

There are big white, black and grey mobile sheds out there providing weather cover and indoor-outdoor space, so why bother with a bright, colourful, stand-out stage or Bigtop? Well… 2 reasons… First off, they’re not boring and white! Some argue that a white structure is a blank canvas to decorate as you wish. According to The…

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