Pansexual Vegan wedding in a Big Top

Jazz and Atticus got married in Norfolk in September, 2018 and I had the pleasure of helping them to organise their wonderful occasion.

From the very start it was apparent that these two wanted something different and that thing was a Big top. "“We filled our wedding with nods to who we really are," they say in their interview for Rock N Roll Bride.

I caught up with them after the wedding to find out how they found working with Bigtop Weddings and this is what they had to say.....

Tell us a bit about yourselves

We are Jazz and Atticus, both 25 years old and live in Cambridge. We are both administrators by day and Jazz is a singer by night. We live for socialising, music, partying, and generally living our lives to the full. We run in “alternative” crowds and are both vegan. We wanted our wedding to capture our spirit of fun, kindness, and throwing away the rule book.


Why did you choose a big top?

We knew we wanted to have an outdoor festival-style affair, but found that traditional white marquees just didn’t cut it… they felt either like a village fete or the outdoor section of a more traditional country house type wedding. We wanted something more unique. And a big top, with its associations with the circus, was a subtle nod at how we don’t take ourselves or “the solemn institution of marriage” too seriously.

What were you looking for in an outdoor wedding provider?


Someone who really knew their stuff and had a lot of experience, and who really “got” us and the vision for our wedding.

What’s been the best bit about working with Big Top Weddings?

Aside from her professionalism and always being there to answer questions speedily - with no question being too silly - it really felt like Elise was excited about our wedding and about doing the best job she and her team possibly could. She worked with us not for us.

Did you have experiences of any other companies and what made Bigtop Weddings different?

I’ve got to admit, the other big top companies we spoke to had the attitude of “you’re not a festival or a circus, we aren’t interested in your wedding”, or expected us to know it all already. Rather than a willingness to take on the role of expert, embrace creativity and listen to our ideas whilst providing their practical expertise, they acted like dry-hire suppliers… if we didn’t know exactly what light fixtures we wanted, they virtually rolled their eyes. Working with BigTop weddings was the opposite. No question was too silly, no detail too small, and Elise was happy to let us take the lead on some aspects but also happy to guide us when we were unsure or didn’t want to get bogged down in things we didn’t understand ourselves.


What impact has the infrastructure had on your wedding?

This gorgeous big top provided the stunning centrepiece for the daytime’s celebrations, and the magical arena for a whole night of partying - until 6am, no less.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing what you’re doing?

Really think about it! If you are super organised, can pay attention to detail, don’t get overwhelmed by thinking about a million things at once, and enjoy using creativity and practicality/logistics at once, then go for it! If that sounds like a huge amount of stress, maybe just go with a ready-made package deal… And if you do decide to go with the outdoor festival-style wedding, make sure you work with suppliers who make you feel comfortable and happy to part with your money; not those who feel like they are ripping you off or won’t help you when you’re unsure. For us, it was also important to work with people who shared our values – such as specifically being listed on an LGBT+ wedding directory, and being a Living Wage employer. Vote with your money for the types of companies you want to see thriving!


Why would you recommend Bigtop Weddings?

Working with Bigtop Weddings felt like simultaneously working with our buddies, and with absolute professionals. They really seemed to understand our vision (and also limitations) and were willing to accommodate us whenever any plans changed – which they are bound to when wedding planning is unknown territory and also unchartered waters. Bigtop Weddings are here to provide a service and put themselves into their service; not just be dry-hire infrastructure providers.


What did you think of the price/value for money?

Excellent! It can be worrying when you add up all the stuff you need for the day… it isn’t just a tent, but tables, chairs, lighting, a dance floor… but compared to other companies, Bigtop Weddings were actually cheaper, and with the level of service were amazing value for money.



You can see some of the photos from their wedding featured on our website and in this article, together with a link to the venue that they used in Norfolk, who we continue to work with.

If you are worried about the stress of it all and contemplating a package deal from a hotel or white marquee company then have a think about our wedding planning services.

You get one shot at the wedding of your dreams so it should be exactly how you want it to be. There are many ways to work with exactly what you want whilst also not breaking the bank so get in touch today and let me know what you're looking for, what's holding you back from having a Big Top or how I can help you to make the wedding memories to last a lifetime.

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