Internals Part 2 – An Eye For Detail

The little extra bits nobody told you were possible. Following on from our first blog post on internals, this digs into a bit more detail on what can be achieved in a big top with a little imagination and some help from your suppliers.

Hanging decor, lighting & other stuff

Often items such as bunting or fairy lights can be hung between the poles but if you have circus trapeze performers or want to hang anything particularly heavy then something a bit more serious might be in order.

Places to hang decoration, lights or speakers are quite specific within marquee structures, which is why most suppliers also offer extra truss and/or scaffolding to do this.

When hanging heavy or moving things, it may require a goalpost - which is an arch-shaped metal structure of any size inside the tent designed to support particularly heavy loads.

This is only for the really big stuff though, the rest of the time you'd be surprised what can be achieved with a clamp, suitably positioned lights and a piece of scaffold around the king pole(s).

Decorating your main entrance can also be a wonderful feature, depending on when you plan to meet your guests – will you be there before guests arrive for the reception so that you can meet them all, or will you make a grand entrance once everyone is inside?

Remember, a big decor rig can involve a lot of manpower and is sometimes best left to a company who specialises in that side of things. Again however, it's amazing what can be achieved with a string of lights, some fabric and a little know-how.

Get to know your marquee provider and understand what it is they are offering as part of their service.


There's no need to stop at decadent décor if you're looking for something alternative. Consider what level of entertainment you and your guests want for the evening. You might choose a performance interlude before the band or DJ comes on, or how about a fire show outside in the place of fireworks?

We're very proud to be able to help couples work with a range of entertainers to give their day that extra special factor.

If you'd like to talk to us about CAD designs, themes, entertainers or anything else we've covered in this or the previous post then send us an email and we'll get back to you with pictures, ideas and as much advice as possible.

Finding your theme

The main reason people seem to have a big top wedding is because they want to create a festival or circus environment but it doesn't have to end there...

Centrepieces are a great way to draw your guests' focus to an interactive experience, whether that's a photo booth, a giant lawn game or even specialist beer and ale tastings.

Having a theme can also help you to remain on task when you're looking at decor, such as picking out the colours of the big top and running with them everywhere, or simply recreating what you expect to see if you're at an outdoor event with hay bales & bunting. There is so much to choose between when you're planning your wedding that sometimes it's useful to reign yourself in.

Whether your guests strike a pose on a giant mirrored high heeled shoe or the entrance has a Gargoyle standing guard, every wedding should have some extravagance to reflect your personalities and provide photo opportunities to last a lifetime. You might even want to make your centrepiece something playful such as a giant bowling alley, particularly if guests are bringing their little ones.

If you still have no idea what you want the theme to be, remember your choice of marquee. That's likely to be the centrepiece of your wedding, so just trying to match some colours will make a huge difference to the overall look. This can be done with table runners, chair covers and hung fabrics, even sound and lighting can make valuable contributions to the feel of your day.

If you're still stuck for a theme then remember - you don't have to have one. A tent from a reputable company will be clean, well maintained, and properly erected. It should be a beautiful thing and more than capable of holding it's own as a focal point.

Items that go alongside or inside it, being either functional or for entertainment purposes, have to gel with the initial skeletal element of the marquee. It's sometimes better not to have accessories rather than have ones that don't fit in naturally and cleanly.


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