I love whiteboards. I can stare at them all day. This might mean I’m tidy in the brain or it might mean that the brain is full and then stuff has to spill out onto the walls.

Really, it’s all about getting ahead of things. The biggest problem we have in events-land is how quickly things have to go from ‘idea’ to ‘implement’ and the whole seasonal nature of the outdoor events industry in particular only seems to compound that.

So what do we do? We plan. We create schedules. We create roles, and timesheets, and packing lists, and everything else. All of that whilst keeping an eye on sales forecasts and marketing metrics and financials. It’s a blast, running a business…..

All of that being said, it can also take way too long. We often talk to people planning an event in 3 years but the last 90% of it happens in the final 3 months before the thing itself. Equally problematic - prices change, suppliers can have different stocks, venues get booked up. It then ends up being a completely different thing and you haven’t really got anything the way you wanted it when you started planning.

The point is, it’s good to have systems and it’s good to plan the right amount and take action at the right time. I’ve been accused of being over-systemised in my life and my business. I probably am, relative to other people. But not for myself. Getting everything out of my head and into a system is how I sleep at night and solve problems like how to deliver a tent to West Wales 2 days after we get out of Glastonbury on the busiest fortnight of the season.

Why? Because I want to. Because (as I mentioned in the last email) it’s not just about the big events for us. A wedding or a 40th Birthday will never be as big as a 200K cap festival. Nor should it be…..

Do you have an event coming up that you’re thinking about for yourself or for a client, friend, family member (or your cat) this year? If so, what’s your plan? Do you have one?

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