The Season Begins!

The Season Begins!

We’ve got a gig this week. Which is nice. And we had one in mid-April too. Considering last year our first one was at the end of May, I’m pretty pleased. 2 new clients too, lovely people and ones that will likely continue with us into 2020.

It’s been a rough old Winter over here, if I’m honest. We lost a tent last year to some bad luck and worse facilities and then managed to also lose those facilities in October. Cards on the table, I came closer than I ever have to selling it all and doing something else.

But I can’t do it. I love what I do, I love my business and I love this industry. Being part of people’s happy time is the best lens you can use to look at the world. We have a shiny new tent, a lovely new base with an actual roof (You thought it was all glamour, huh?) and the spring optimism is coursing through our veins.

I’m gonna take a stab in the dark that if you’re reading this you’re either in the Events Industry OR you like going to outdoor events. So this may interest you……

I read an article this morning stating that one of the companies owning a lot of the big festivals you’ve heard of is being bought out by an international investment conglomerate. That’s like a level up in the kind of money we associate with going into and coming out of the festival industry. Just goes to show that you’re never sure where it’s actually coming from, unless you look. Now, I have no issue with this. Big companies doing festivals is fine by me.

Terrapin Events are now involved in the production of 2 festivals. Byline and Chilled in a Field, which we’re immensely proud of. We also have structures going to Glastonbury, Balter and Truck festivals this year which we’re equally proud of. I also just finished putting up a tent on a football pitch for a little event involving the Wurzels and about 600 people. We’re equally proud of that.

Over the last couple of years we’ve also been getting more and more specific with the kinds of customers, collaborators, and staff attracted to the company. I don’t think that’s happening by accident and / or magic. The point is, do what you do. Love what you do. Do you best to love who you do it with. Life’s too bloody short in my opinion. We’ve made mistakes but we’ve done our best and always acted with integrity, and I’m equally proud to have people around me who have the same.

See you in a field sometime in the next 6 months!


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