I literally have tingles down my spine.

If there’s one thing I like about the events industry (and there are many) it’s envelopes being pushed. Arcadia are doing that again here.

Another thing I like is when people don’t rest upon their laurels and push themselves, as well as the envelope. I guess the two are linked. Anyway….

They could have got many more years out of the spider. If you don’t know what the spider is, it’s this.

But they didn’t. They kept having ideas and bettering themselves. Everyone wants to be in fields doing cool things, and the bar is high.

Additionally, they’ve decided to dedicate an email address to those who want to send ideas over for what the thing can do in 2020. Hive mind put to good use. Not just that, it’s a stunning bit of marketing blended with market research. We’re always encouraged to ask our customers what kinds of things they want to see us doing, keeps us connected with the people we're working with and responding to what they want, rather than what we think they should want.

A combination of the two is good. How did we decide what colours ‘The Regal’ should be last year? We asked people. It looks great. I knew I wanted something-and-cream but wasn't sure what.

So if you’re reading, well done to those at Arcadia I know and those I don’t who are part of this. My virtual hat is well and truly doffed. What a show.

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