'If only I knew before!"

I hear that a lot, so here's where I try and fix it...

“If only I knew before that this would be so stressful”
“If only I knew before that you guys [Terrapin] could do this for me.”
“If only I knew before that I’d need x, y, z.”

When we finally have the pleasure of meeting the people we spend time with over the phone or email, planning their party, wedding or festival there’s a theme which pops up more than it should. 

An assumption that they know what’s going to happen on the day, followed by a look of bewilderment when it all starts happening around them. 

It’s understandable that for someone who might not plan or put on large scale gatherings very often that the task can seem daunting and on the day can reach down-right stressful. 

Not really what you want after weeks or months of careful preparation, right?

So Arif and I got to thinking... 

What if we start offering our production and planning services as well? 

Information is key


Our Guides were put together with you in mind. To give you an insight into what goes into planning an event and of course, if you want access to any of them the please do fill out the form below and request one.

But they're not exhaustive and sometimes things go wrong. Unforeseen things. But there is another way....


  • Take the stress away by passing the reins on to us.
  • Last minute changes or problems need not concern you. What might seem like a huge situation, we’ve probably come across it before and know how to handle it
  • We will make it happen based on your design ideas. From the caterers, to the site layout, entertainment and so much more.
  • Step back and relax because with our hands on preparation during the planning you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all the service providers are managed - from when they show up, where they go when they get there and what happens when they leave.

“Where should I put the band?”

Let us handle it.

“Where is best for the toilets if the kitchen is over there and the bar is there?”

We have a good idea.

“What are we going to do with all this extra rubbish?” There’s a system for that.  

What is your time worth?

So often we hear that the event was amazing, mind-blowing and wonderful, but... BUT!?!

But it was really stressful!!

There shouldn't be a but. At least there doesn't HAVE to be. 

What would your time be worth, the time you've spent pouring over price comparisons, designs, answering emails and checking everyone has the necessary information?

So, the caterer has broken down en route.
The generator was ordered for the wrong date.
The linen has turned up at the wrong address. 

At least we’re on site to sort out the tow-truck, pick the generator up from the depot ourselves and make sure we stay late to accept delivery of the linen with all hands on deck to get the tables dressed in time. 

What’s even better is that the chances of this even happening are reduced because you’ve got us checking your plans all before the event even happens.


Stuff just happens

With the best will in the world, sometimes stuff just happens... BUT (and the right kind this time) sharing the burden, knowing someone with experience is on your side and having more than one head to manage a problem is a far better option than getting to the end of a wonderful journey and saying, ‘that was wonderful, but it could’ve been better’. 

Contact us today and let me know how to take the 'BUT' out of your wonderful event. 

Speak soon, 


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