Living Wage

It’s easy to forget that in the events industry, we get the best of people and the best of your worlds. We see your weddings, your birthdays and your special occasions. We meet your families, your friends and often see your wonderful homes.

Not all of the world is a party and without doubt, none of those things we provide would happen without a reliable team of crew members. These are the humans who get the nitty-gritty stuff done. Hammering in stakes and lifting heavy things in and out of lorries whilst maintaining a cheerful outlook and generally being the cogs that make the machine actually turn.

Minimum wage in this country is a joke. Without getting too political, we all know why. A blog post isn’t the place for my soapbox but rest assured, if you honestly can think of a reason someone doesn’t deserve more for an honest days (hard!) work, then you should probably unfollow whatever channel it is that got you here.

The Living Wage foundation are campaigning for people to be paid the minimum they need to LIVE ON, not the minimum we, as employers, can get away with paying.

So this is a note firstly, to thank those crew who might be reading and secondly, to encourage anyone out there who runs a business to look up the LWF and register. 
If you don’t run a business and you’re reading this because you might want to hire, or have hired some stuff from us, it might please you to know that the people putting them up are being paid fairly.

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