All the information you need to hire the right marquee for your event

Are you considering hiring a Marquee?

If so, you're probably wondering where to start. What do you do first? Who do you go to to not get taken advantage of?

What you need most is information....Information on things like:

  • Venue
  • Marquee Size
  • Marquee Colour (More important than you think)
  • Power, lighting and Sound (Do I need them?)
  • Staging (What do I put on it?)
  • Flooring (Which type is right for me?)

Hi, I'm Arif from Terrapin Tents and Contents.

I've been hiring out marquees for a long time and I know that it's easy for people to forget what it's like coming into a new industry that they might not understand. Most people haven't hired a tent before but if you have, this is still for you.

I wanted to simplify the process, so I wrote a Guide to help you through the whole thing from start to finish called 'How to Hire a Marquee'.

We're completely confident in the sturdiness of our structures and our ability to put them up and take them down. For that reason we offer a no-quibble 100% money back guarantee on all equipment and our own work. That means that if anything goes wrong with anything you've hired from us, you get your money back for it. Simple.


What is the Guide?

It's a PDF which will take you through the process and make it as transparent as possible for you so that by the time we talk (if we talk…) you know exactly what I'm going to ask you and a lot more about what you want.

I'm not keeping any secrets, I'm not even trying to convince you to hire a marquee from me. This is general advice for you to take and do what you will with.

It'll give you ideas and help you to learn what you should be able to reasonably expect from your marquee hire company. I'm big into transparency and having things kept 'in the club' isn't really the way I do stuff.

Why have I written it?

This helps you because you get to know what to expect to have to decide before you even email a marquee company.

This helps the company (whether it's me or not) because believe it or not, better-informed customers are actually much easier to help. They know what questions to ask and have a better idea of what they want so that I can get on with making it happen.

No obligation, if you don't like it you don't even have to give it the hard drive space. Just delete it. But even if it gives you one idea, it's worth a read, right?

If you know a bit already or you just want to have a talk, you'll find a phone number and an email at the top of the page too. Simple.

But really, I'm telling you this because it could well save us both a lot of time. you'll see what kind of tents I do (coloured, stripey) and also a bit about what kinds of tents I don't do (white).

You'll get some ideas about what you want from your event and be able to ask me for what you want.

Sound good? I bet you an email I can open your eyes even just a little bit.

Warm regards,


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