Recap a brilliant summer with us

Whether we met on the road this summer or not, it’s a been a monumental whirlwind in Land Terrapin.

From festivals to weddings, school fetes to sporting fundraisers we’ve been bringing colour and excitement to fields across the country.

Along with the brand new tent we took on brand new festivals for event production and enjoyed working with some brand new team members. Not to mention launching Big Top Weddings under the brand new Terrapin Events Group banner.

One thing is for certain, it’s been spectacular every step of the way so we thought what better way to celebrate than by sharing a few of our favourite moments.

When an event has the tag line, “Debate, Dance, Laugh, Change the World,” and they ask you to get involved it would be silly no to.

We had the full collection out at Byline Festival making up stages, bars, Information Tent, Prayer Tent plus also running production throughout.

But rather than show you site images, how about John Cleese, Gary Linekar and Pussy Riot in The Regal. Chuffed.

One of the larger weddings out there and certainly a spectacular affair, we took over a family garden in Buckinghamshire for the week and turned it purple.

What better idea than to use the colour of the big top as the colour scheme for the entire wedding.

We hope you’ll agree that the results were outstanding. And a genuinely lovely couple to boot. Winning.

We talk about Chilled in a Field a lot but that’s only because we’re so proud of it. They create a truly magical experience with drops of all the colour we have to offer to create a family party vibe like nowhere else.

This year saw our newest collection of structures and some good old favourites. Colourful stripes everywhere, just how we like it.

It doesn’t stop at weddings and festivals here though. Birthday parties, school fetes, football club fundraisers, pop-up bars, community weekenders… There are just so many reasons to turn a boring white marquee into a fun, stripey big top.

And they don’t come more fun, stripey and exciting than the CandyCane. We’ve had so much fun with this versatile delight that we’re getting another one made that’s even bigger. Santa needs a Grotto and Terrapin wants to fit even more people in the party. So keep your eye out over the winter months for updates on how that’s going.

In the meantime, you know where we are for 2019 bookings. The calendar has been filling up since October so get in quick to avoid disappointment.


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