The CoveRed Stage Company in association with The Terrapin Events Group Presents:

Outdoor Stages that Don't Suck!

With us you can....

  • Kiss goodbye to mobile outdoor stages that look like black and grey boxes
  • Deal with a hire company who know what they're doing
  • Be remembered by all your event guests
  • Get upfront and transparent hire pricing and drawings
  • Hire a complete infrastructure service or just the bits of the stage setup you want



We would like to say thank you, the professionalism and knowledge of the Terrapin crew really helped us gauge exactly what we needed for our event this summer. The chaps on site paid attention to detail and had a cheerful approach which helped everything run smoothly. See you again next year.​

Phatdrop Productions

The Terrapin team were a pleasure to work with at Chilled in a Field. They are friendly, hard working and professional. They provided valuable guidance when planning the event and the colourful structures were just right for our family friendly festival.

Chilled in a Field Festival – Sussex

Are you running an outdoor event for 200-2000 people?

Why do things have to be so boring?

Outdoor stages. They're grey, they're black, they're a blot on the landscape. If you want your stage to look nice, you have to invest a load of time and money customising and branding it. But what about those of you who don't have an audience of 10,000 and the economy of scale to create an entire scaffold structure? 

Hire something a bit different, that's what.  

Why does this happen? Well, because colours, styles and shapes are committal. For example, we have a red mobile stage, if you don't like red you're not going to like it but if you do? Well, you're going to love it.

We'd rather have fewer customers who love what we do than loads who are ambivalent. That's how you should be about your guests. Polarising. Life's too short for the middle ground.

Mobile stages can be fun too!

There are stages out there which go up in, like, half an hour. We actually have ones ourselves that take just 3 hours.

But that's not our gambit. We want to hire out structures you can't find anywhere else. The idea is to do something different, not just a slightly-quicker version of what everyone else is doing.

And to couple that with an exemplary service. The full hire package. Enough to take it off your to-do list whether you know loads about stages or whether you've never hired one in your life.

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